This is a short list of some very independent thinkers, from many disciplines, who have managed to change the way we think about our world. You may not realize it, but each one of these people impacted something we see or touch everyday.

    Angeles Arrien
    Angeles Arrien is a cultural anthropologist, award winning author and President for the Angeles Arrien Cross-cultural Foundation for Education and Research which honors the preservation of indigenous wisdom.

    Dana Atchley
    Dana Atchley has been called the Father of Digital Storytelling (among other things, like "creative visionary"). He saw the intersection between our humanity and new media, probably before anyone else did. A truly important modern artist. We lost him in 2000 but his work carries on.

    Ralph Bakshi
    Bakshi pioneered some of the first animation in film made for adults.

    Joseph Campbell
    Bill Moyers made Campbell a household name with the PBS series "The Power of Myth" in 1988. George Lucas cites Campbell as the inspiration behind "Star Wars"; Joe's ceaseless study brought countless minds to new frontiers of cross-cultural thought in many disciplines.

    Noam Chomsky
    One of America's most prominent political dissidents, he has dissected everything from human rights to corporate propaganda. Truly brilliant and brave, if you don't know him, you certainly should.

    Charles and Rae Eames
    The Powers of 10 site:
    There seems like an entire culture was created around this concept. Check it out!

    The Eames Office
    The continuing legacy of their work today.

    Buckminster Fuller
    One of the greatest thinkers of the 20th Century, bar none.

    See The American Masters Series: "Thinking Out Loud"
    (Also tells you how to get the video.)

    The Guerilla Girls
    What would the visual world have done without them? This site is not restricted to females...

    Richard Linklater
    Home of the director of "Waking Life", which was nothing like we've seen before!

    Marshall McLuhan
    Born in 1911, the man coined the phrase "global village" and who said "the future of the book is the blurb" was the quintessential modern media observer. The official site of this cultural icon

    The LINKS page on this website is an inclusive resource for all things McLuhan.

    Eadward Muybridge
    They call him the "Father of Motion Pictures".
    His story on Photo Seminars.com

    Muybridge resources on Masters of Photography site:

    Science or Art– or Both? Virtual National Museum of American History explores Muybridge's photography:

    Godfrey Reggio
    Reggio created a film style over 20 years ago that has influenced experimental and mainstream film ever since. He was the visual mind of the Qatsi trilogy, beginning with Koyanisqatsi, with music by Philip Glass.

    Kurt Schwitters
    We like to think of him as the first multi-talented graphic designer. He created environmental installations and made some of the first art from garbage.

    Edward Tufte
    A "scientist" of information. Every information designer needs to know who he is. Enough said.

    Howard Zinn
    Sorry, but if you're not already familiar with "A People's History of the United States" or Zinn's lifetime dedication to social justice, then you are seriously media challenged.

    Go to his site and please make sure you see the documentary film "You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train" made in 2004 about his life.

    Business of the Future
    business of the future
    The sites in this section are trying to change the way we do business from the mind up! Some of my favorite films, books, new kinds of corporations & non-profit organizations that are focused on making our worklife more human.

    Culture Heroes
    culture heroes
    Artists, thinkers, academics...creative people who have changed our artistic & social points of view forever.

    media activism
    media activism
    If you're intelligent & you make media, these sites are essential. If you are a human being who uses media in their everyday life, these sites are highly educational.

    one good deed
    one good deed
    These are some lesser known non-profit organizations making the larger scale change we are all looking for. Worthy of your attention & your help.

    explorers on the edges of the mind
    explorers on the edges of the mind
    Not your popular science; those true pioneers who are willing to take great risks to go where mainstream science & the academies are yet afraid to go. Be the first in your chatroom to learn about "poppin the quiff" & let your inner geek free.

    our esteemed friends
    our esteemed friends...
    are doing all kinds of great work that is truly inspired, skilled & imaginative. Please check out their websites & learn all about 'em.