Kahlil Almustafa
    Kahlil started out as a Spoken Word Artist and won the 2002 Grand Slam Championship at the Nuyorican. Artist and activist, Almustafa gained attention in the hip-hop community as a performer with GAME Rebellion, performing at the first solar-powered hip-hop concert. http://www.kahlilalmustafa.com

    Alt Pick
    Once a series of books for creative professionals, Alt Pick has grown into an online resource and community for artists, designers, photographers and others.

    AndersonGold Films
    Home of the brilliant documentary films by Kelly Anderson and Tami Gold.

    Robert Appleton
    Robert Appleton is an award-winning designer with vision who has worked his amazing stuff in a wide range of applications. Buy his posters!

    Annette Aguilar and Stringbeans
    She's the queen of world-beat: Annette has led the way for female percussionists in the world of modern Latin Jazz.

    Cheryl B.
    Poet, Spoken Word Artist and the force behind the Poetry VS Comedy Variety Show.

    Duncan Baird Publishers
    The leading independent publisher of illustrated books in the fields of Mind, Body & Spirit, Health and Well-being, Culture and Civilizations, and Religion and Faith.

    We proudly present the blues group, not the software. Barebones made their debut CD "35 Orange" to the praise of blues critics and reviewers everywhere. Jack's Blues Shack is one online outlet. Makes a great gift!

    Anthony Bloch
    Tony is an extraordinary lettering artist, with an enormous and beautiful body of work, and is a wonderful guy besides!

    Brooklyn Smiles
    Online store with some of the coolest stuff anywhere, even if you're not from Brooklyn like I am, designed by Kobena Gyepi-Garbrah.

    Botticelli's Niece
    Beautiful jewelry design, the likes you have never seen before...power positive!

    Adrian Buckmaster Photography
    There's no way to easily describe Adrian's photography, but he has created some of the most highly dramatic images I have ever seen.

    Steve Burger
    Animator and filmmaker, Steve leaves the competition in the dust. You can check out some of his projects here.

    Also see & support Steve's award-winning film, "The Journal"

    Agricola de Cologne
    is a multidisciplinary media artist and New Media curator living and working in Cologne/Germany for more than 25 years. He also curates many international new media shows and is pretty brilliant.

    Paul Devlin
    Documentary FilmMaker who created "SlamNation", "Power Trip" and "Blast".

    Diva Design
    Inventive and effective corporate communications firm, begun by Susanne Schropp.

    The Feminist Press
    Now in its 38th year, the Press has brought more than 300 critically acclaimed works by and about women into print, enriching the literary canon, expanding the historical record, and influencing public discourse about issues fundamental to women.

    Janice Fried
    Illustrator with the touch of the extraordinary, you have seen her work in some of the most beautiful books and cards to come out of Hay House.

    IT specialists who really know how to work with designers and corporations. They were the programming brains behind the Verbs on Asphalt web project.

    Italian American Writers Association
    Begun by a Brooklyn College English Professor, Robert Viscusi in an effort to break down another American stereotype, this is an interesting group of writers and activists. You don't have to be Italian to write books–or visit this site!

    Sarah Jones
    Spoken word artists come and go, but Sarah is still the reigning queen in our book. The 1997 Nuyorican Grand Slam Champion is how I know her originally, but she's a recent Tony Award winner for her Off-Broadway show "Bridge and Tunnel", produced by Meryl Streep. An amazing artist and activist! Please support her work.

    Deena Kolbert
    WBAI "CityWatch" co-host and co-producer for many years, Deena has taken her passion to a new project called WisdomYears. She is also a motivational coach and counselor.

    L&B Printing
    Family owned, award winning, full service prepress and direct image printing company. Begun by the legendary Lance Booth, the man who first rented a studio to me back in 1986.

    James Montalbano
    Brilliant founder of Terminal Design, an independent digital type design and lettering studio, creating original and custom typeface and lettering designs for advertising, editorial, corporate, and government clients.

    Michael Meyer
    Amazinging evocative photographer and one of the key visual documenters behind the crucial years of Nuyorican Poetry Slam.

    John Napolitano
    A tribute to a great and fearless designer, no longer with us.

    No Boarders Poetry Radio
    All kinds of poetry, spoken word and interviews on the first 24/7 internet radio station. Poets Linda DiFeterici and Keith Roach are the masterminds of the network.

    Kirk Nugent
    A man with a mission that people around the globe have responded to. Originally from the world of Spoken Word, and is one of the pioneers of his generation.

    Alix Olson
    Internationally touring folk poet and progressive queer artist-activist. Alix is "wielding words, not weapons". Spoken word hits feminism. We all love her.

    Katie Piper Photography
    Katie's work is pretty amazing. Check it out.

    The Nuyorican Poets Cafe
    On-line home of the legendary Poets Cafe on the Lower East Side, NYC. Visit the store. (Oh, and we are also the designers of their logo and site.)

    Peculiar Works Project
    Peculiar Works creates theater, performance and art in really strange places. They sponsored the "Questioning the Foundations" exhibit you can see in our Gallery.

    Phoenix Rizin
    Home of the infamous DJ and multi-talented, multi-media artist Jonathan "Phoenix Rizin" Georgeff.

    Polemic Design
    Begun by Matthew McNerney, one of the smartest, most articulate designers around.

    Ponder Consulting
    Is a rising new star in the world of website creation & development; they do SEO, ecommerce, web hosting...please "use their heads"!

    World-wide resource for the creative mind in every country.

    Hal Sirowitz
    The home of the man who made neurosis into poetry. Truly unique.

    Small Business Loans NY
    Learn about small business loans in New York and the rest of the country.
    Small Business Loans NY

    Testify Books
    Independent, New York-based publisher that tells the truth about culture, sports, and music. "The eagle has landed" here!

    Christopher Weil Photography
    Chris is an amazing photographer and a unique visual thinker who also happens to be a really nice person to work with. Check out his stuff.

    VideoChannel/New Media Fest
    VideoChannel came alive when Agricola de Cologne started his global networking project in 2004, as a project environment focused on new forms of video within the thematic context of "memory & identity". In 2005, VideoChannel started the first screenings of selections from the comprehensive video collection in collaboration with media art & video festivals around the globe.

    Begun by Sheryl Lynn Rosenstock and Jacqueline Anne Gellentien, two dedicated designers armed with spirit and talent, this design studio brings a fresh look to communication graphics.